Saturday, May 12, 2007
Seen Through My Own Eyes.....

Si I love this song

Was Tagged too..and am not good at this but will try..So here da 7 Things People dont know about Klara..

1. Am afirst born in afamily of 4, a pathetic first born as in am no good at it..I even forget their birthdays n no good at advices en it's made worse by the fact that they look upon me! Damn! sometimes I feel so guilty about that..I secretly wish I wasnt one..,,By da way early comments on this post were kulwaad sorry for that!

2. I love Dancing with apassion..It's my second most Pleasurable activity, It helps me relieve stress..Can dance anywhere as long as kuna flow even kwa bafu & Used to Love Dancin in da rain in my younger days :=) My other Love is Music n I work better with my earphones on..My boss just doesn't get it!...Music helps me calm down when am feelin overwhelmed by things..It just gets me in da mood.

3. Am really turned on by a good Kisser n vice versa..

4.I had my first crush at 11 with aclassmate! LOL! He was *Pretty*, Funny n bright, I was sure to marry him when I grew up..LOL..We are good friends now, n he still laughs at me for that!

5.My favourite food is Kuku/Chapos n I love fruits apart from Ovacados n believe it or not Apples...

6. I tend to Love deeply as in with my whole everything n that's why I take long to heal after abreak-Up or major Loss..Or even trust again.Am never good at forgetin..I guess that's why at times I tend 2 get paranoid..

7. My biggest weakness ; Am too accomodating, Extremely Forgiving n Impatient that why I hate traffic Jams..

Bonus one: The Most Influential People in my Life are My Mom n Shiro(My galfriend)

There I have let u in alittle bit in..Now My 7 Victims: DK, Stwap, Nakeel, Eddiie, DP, Ruben, KenyaOnly......And any other who has escaped this!!

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  • At 12/5/07 18:38, Blogger Kirima

    Even if my comments were swallowed by blogger I seem to be still first
    I am also a first born.
    Dancing why am I not surprised you say it all the time you know! :-) maybe you can teach some of us.
    Vice versa I trust means you are also a good Kisser, Interesting!
    You never forget the first one!!

  • At 12/5/07 18:39, Blogger Klara

    Am sorry Guys! Earlier Comments on this post were kulwaad(I dont understand it myself)..
    Agiasi, Kirima n da rest..Hope u dont mind doing a re-comment!Plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz

  • At 12/5/07 19:39, Blogger Chatterly

    I love dancing too! someday...we will go shake our malis if you like :-)
    I feel you on #6.
    #7-i could forgive but forget?? never.
    nice weekend!

  • At 12/5/07 19:56, Blogger Rae

    You love dancing, you are a good kisser, ur mum is ur hero...i envy Shiro!

  • At 12/5/07 20:07, Anonymous Anonymous

    I had also commented kwanza first!

    Blogger nakuwekea wanted! Hama WP!!

    I am first born too! 3 ehe? Hmmmm! 6 not saying anything! :-)

  • At 12/5/07 22:37, Blogger mwangi

    I commented first!!

    Not a first born, thank fully ...

    Good kisser ... good ...

    Dancing ... i need me some moves. Dec utanifundisha? Pliz ...

  • At 12/5/07 23:31, Blogger Three types of Crazy

    at no.1- I am not a first born, I am a third born of 5 but everyone treats me like a first born including the people who "born" me. kwani my parents can't count? I am the first girl though.

    at no.2- I love dancing too. I can't say I am a good dancer but when I do dance- it's my dance, my world+ meaning I have been known to dance "ndombolo" ile ya solo to Justin Timberlake.

  • At 13/5/07 01:51, Blogger countryboy

    wow, klara, not too bad. really not too bad. we could flow. how about that??

  • At 13/5/07 03:31, Blogger egm

    I am a first born too. Looks like we're many!

  • At 13/5/07 14:16, Anonymous betty

    last born here>but i always thought being first born was cool,u get to order pple around :)

    apart from dancehall, i dance like a jungu :( can i join mwangis dance class?

  • At 13/5/07 14:18, Anonymous betty

    btw, chatterly,kirima and unyc>>why the hell cant i comment kwenu??aki i've tried a zillion times, wen i clik publish haiendi, comment be just staring back at me, i give up!!

  • At 14/5/07 01:57, Blogger Girl next door

    I penda that song too! Music has the power to get you in different moods. #4, it's cool that you're friends with your childhood crush.

  • At 14/5/07 02:51, Blogger phassie

    I am a first born too, and I hated it, until I realized my younger siblings actual do love me. It was a rough childhood.

  • At 14/5/07 09:03, Blogger feather

    i'd think its cool being extremely forgiving.

  • At 14/5/07 10:05, Blogger Be silent

    I Love dancing imagine i dance to commercials that have nice music.. I play the loudest music at work i am not first born and i am glad.. Nice post dear

  • At 14/5/07 11:27, Blogger eddiie

    Well well well...i thought all along i have been guessing right but aaawwwooooo! Complete miss!!!

    ...So you like dancing?....i don`t. you are the first the last.
    You don`t remember birthdays..sometimes i do rmember mine. love listening to music..may be there we can share the floor....

    Well,verdict done!! what else...Eeeh! Shiro..tell me about this one..all i know is that she is a blogger..

  • At 14/5/07 11:30, Blogger eddiie

    I forgot something..@Mwangi thanks for reminding me...

    A good Kisser?Wooh! The French i have heard reports are the best kissers...So may be a a trip to Lyon..Nancy or Lens..and not to forget Paris will not spoil the talent..

    LoL!....Am not sure about myself in that proffession but i think am not bad either..LOL!!

  • At 14/5/07 13:14, Blogger Komi

    So late but am here. I hear you on the good kisser. I can-have actually-use it as the only reason to leave someone. Those are the days you make chapos and all those things that take forever to cook just to avoid the moment. I can never get used to bad kisses, yuk!
    I am the last girl and an eighth born in a family of 10.
    I never forget birthdays.
    We shall dance together come December.

  • At 14/5/07 13:23, Blogger Half 'n' half

    Si I can say my comments were swallowed!
    unfortunately can dance but BADLY!
    11? 11? HALALALALAL!

  • At 14/5/07 17:53, Blogger Klara

    @ Kirima
    LOL! Do I really? I mean talk about dancing all da time! I doubt I can really do the teachin..Anyway thanx For repeatin ur comment. This blogger thing still mess me up at time!
    Yes! Yes! That’s asealed deal! Atleast someone feels me on No.6
    Lovely Time gal!
    Imagine! U do? I mean envy her! :)
    I believe u! Who can beat u at that? :)..Sometimes I think of makin dat switch but WP is a bit complicated 4 me. I have 2 elewa it first..Anotha First Born! Wow!
    Why that on No.6?
    Are u sure Mwangi? Ati u beat Agiasi n Kirima at that LOL! Hard 2 believe! :)
    At a price? Ni Sawa!
    @3 types Of Crazy
    LOL! I feel u! Maybe u r more responsible..U too?? Ati Ndombolo to Timberlake! LOL! Gal u crack me!
    Thanx lakini for dropping by!
    @ Countyboy
    Is that a proposal?? LOL
    Sana..We can create a club! LOL
    That’s where it gets interesting but not when u r da softie one like me! They get 2 use u instead..
    Wooiii! Am a poor teacher!
    @Gal next door
    Si I just love ur name coz it usually reminds me of 3 Doors Down, One of ma Fav bands! :=)
    We are very close! ..U r right on music!
    @ Phassie
    Mine was worse, I had 2 take responsibility of everything even when it was clearly not my mistake.and then havin to run almost all da errands coz I was da older One..But I still Love them
    @ Feather
    It’s But sometimes people take u for granted but I Yes It’s Cool
    @Be Silent
    Lucky u! Being a first born needs a lot!...LOL! Mbaka commercials? Atleast am not da only addicted person here!
    @ Eddiee
    Gosh! Not even one! But Opposites do attract, ama? LOL
    What makes u think Shiro is a blogger??
    Wacha story za watu wa France! LOL
    Good 2 see that..Last gal! U must be da adored one! Lucky u! No matter how good aguy looks if he’s poor @ Kissing I cant help it! It just doenst work 4 me..
    We have to gal! U r in! I cant wait 4 dec
    @ Half n Half
    LOL! Imagine some of us tuliharibika kitambo! LOL!..
    I believe u on that but I don’t believe Mwangi! LOL

  • At 14/5/07 17:56, Anonymous DK

    Na uyu Shiro ni nani??
    Anyway me too on #2.
    Hehehe mabeste na first crush??!1 Iyo ni ngori.
    #7 Hmmm. I second that

  • At 15/5/07 08:32, Blogger Majonzi

    pole, I am so late on the comments. I am a first born who loves my position :). and kissing is sooo intimate, so yes a good kisser is most timam :)

  • At 15/5/07 09:37, Blogger felixthecat

    phew!picture klara my tagged to klar-ify y that point hit me hard in the gut..n am also the first born...n not the best example..i lead by words, not actions!

  • At 15/5/07 12:48, Anonymous Jamvi

    Explain to me this do you Kiss and then get turned on or do you get turned on and then kiss? PS Am up for some dance lessons.

  • At 15/5/07 13:16, Anonymous modoathii

    simple seven eh, loving deeply is the way to go, i do to all the time and every time, but i heal faster...siwezi jisumbua na kuwaza na we huwazi...ishnathing. mazee si ulipenda mapema...

    number 3, pick me...hehe...even though i'm not that good, i'll live with it...LOL

    i eat anything (foody) isipokua pumpkin. great, kwanza with loaf...eish! (high school memories come a-flooding back)

    na swali moja, hiyo mbisha ya you, nikuslimishwa ilislimishwa ama wewe ni ka-SI (slim impression)?

    love that song.

  • At 15/5/07 18:38, Blogger Prettylyf

    How'd I know you were a first born?

    It's great to love with your everything, better to have loved than no right?

    Great kissers, yaay! Of course!

  • At 15/5/07 18:38, Blogger Prettylyf

    I kiss with my everything, yaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 16/5/07 00:51, Blogger LPC

    good kisseres tend to be rare these days !!!

  • At 16/5/07 08:06, Blogger Komi

    @lpc-how many bad ones did you encounter to draw that conclusion???? ha

  • At 16/5/07 09:42, Blogger Farmgal

    I have to left I envy you
    Love you list sweet Klara

  • At 16/5/07 16:06, Anonymous inexes

    hey, thanx for fixing that ka-small probie.

    sasa wacha nikasome.

  • At 16/5/07 18:27, Blogger 3N

    I feel so guilty, how can I be commenting number 30 something? Anyway good list, my thoughts…
    1. you will be surprised that they indeed see you as their role model and look up to you even though you don’t assume the role.
    3. you’re welcome, LOL
    2. loves music too…not so much dancing, at least I like watching chilez dance.
    6, 7. as Aco advises you have to learn to love and trust with conditions. I am forgiving as well and patient.

  • At 17/5/07 02:20, Blogger Kabinti

    I could be both first or last born....or only :)

  • At 17/5/07 03:09, Blogger Princess

    I act like I am the first-born yet I am not!! If you cannot kiss that is a dealbreaker..I will run in the opposite direction FAST!! As you already know, I love to dance too!!

  • At 17/5/07 15:16, Blogger Klara

    @DK..Huyu Shiro ajitokeze!! LOL..Miss Her..
    @Majonzi..Good For u! I know why u love ur position..:=) Yes Kissin is an intimate thing, Thankz for backing me on that..
    U lead by words??LOL..Plz don’t start Picturin..LOL
    LOL! Yenyewe wewe umeniweza..Even If I was turned on can switch off kabisa by a sloppy Kisser..
    Long time since I saw u here, so am glad kabisa..
    LOL..Ati nilipenda mapema?I guess dat explains why am full of Love..Bt that was a childish thing bana..So U too Love deeply? Atleast I have found my partner..
    LOL! Will definitely try that out..
    Sasa u r spoiling my appetite with that Ovacado talk! Aish..
    Hiyo ni mbisha ya long time ago!
    U knew that?? U r a good guesser! Thanx..I live by that Motto..
    You Kiss with everything?? Then u are da one am lookin for! LOL
    Are u sure?? Maybe u r not looking poa..
    Yes..Let him tell us!
    Thanx..I believe u r sweet too farmgal..
    Finally u can leave ur footprints here…
    But kwani8 bado unasoma???LOL
    Imagine?? NO..30 something! But better late than never!
    I think that too n it’s scares me!..Ati am welcome?? Meaning..Fafanua bana..
    Thanx lakini For the advices..
    What?? LOL!
    Thank u for explanin that kissin bit!
    See u at the dance feet in Dec

  • At 18/5/07 00:02, Blogger _Jonathan_

    I love dancing with passion too.
    Everything must be that way. Passion is a great "fuel" of life.
    bye bye

  • At 18/5/07 12:27, Anonymous inexes

    Ach Ach ati bado nasoma...? 10 nil...

    Sasa si elewa this story of Kuhanya mablog mob - u tend to forget where u left your gothas... ooops i meant comments....

    Sasa if i comment now, si it'll be stale?

  • At 18/5/07 12:27, Anonymous inexes

    Ach Ach ati bado nasoma...? 10 nil...

    Sasa si U elewa this storo of Kuhanya mablog mob - u tend to forget where u left your gothas... ooops i meant comments....

    Sasa if i left now, si it'll be stale?

  • At 18/5/07 15:58, Blogger Unyc

    Where the hell was I?

    Am the first born 2 n as for example setting, i think so far so good.
    Dancing, we shld hook up n go have a ball!

  • At 19/5/07 12:31, Blogger Klara

    Passion is the drivin Force behind Life..With no passion for success u can never Succeed..Thanx For That..
    LOL! They can never get stale n BTW I kinda love them stale!LOL
    Wacha uhanyaji bana..
    How could u?? LOL..
    That's good of u, atleast we can learn from u..Kip it up!
    Thanx for still droppin by..:=)

  • At 21/5/07 17:54, Anonymous modo

    so kuna vile siku hizi uko taller wide-ways?

  • At 22/5/07 15:44, Blogger K.I.P.U.S.A

    i soooooooooooooo feel you on No.2

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    Interestingly, some venues offer special bingo games for kids although some halls don't allow players to have companions while playing. Suppose you bring kids with you, don't let them run around the venue and bother other gamers. They should behave well whilst you play and the game proceeds. Play quietly and don't recite the numbers you desperately want to come off because you'll be much of a disturbance if you do. Decorous playing is expectant of all players, even those who play roulette at casinos. Also, having a valid identification is important because you don't know you might win and need to present credentials.

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