Saturday, November 25, 2006
This Tyme: Poetry!!!
My nice sister made me post this one! I aint a poetry person but maybe I could share this Lovely poem with u;

Secrets, secrets

Lies, lies
She sits in her room,
and cries and cries.
There's no more trust
In this girl's heart.
She finally found out
That life isn't perfect.
She lived in dreams,
As children often do.
But she crawled out
Into the world everyone knew.
Things that once were.
Happiness once known;
The truth of it all
To her was shown.
Her little heart
Will never trust again.
She'll never know
A real true friend.
No more trust,
For no more lies.
She'll sit in her room
And cry and cry ..........................the end...............
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Monday, November 06, 2006
nairobi & rain
What is it about Nrb that when it rains it has to cause such chaos around?First I couldn't pull myself to wake up, My eyes couldn't just pop open no matter how I tried, It was terribly chilly outside the covers, then when I finally did..I realised I was gonna late for work, and then the traffic jam, I just couldn't believe it!!All those hours in that traffic jam!!
Call it madness but whenever it rains things just get chaotic around here, that's when the matatu fares tripple, and then traffic snail...

YES, I know rains are a blessings, I just hate when it rains in the mornings or evenings when I aint in the house! Why can't it just rain at night when everyone is safe in their beds?
I wonder where the days when rains used to get me excited went to?When I was a kid & could sneak out to go and dance in the rain...............

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