Monday, February 19, 2007
Life's A risk
In the recent past I have taken some risks, done crazy stuff that remind me of my high school days as atomb boy. When playing pranks & Dares was the order of the day, Until one day of course it landed me in hot shit!
Am known to be a risk taker, but after what happenned @ my workplace, I finally realised Life being a gamble as it's; There are times one needs have a fall back.Something to go to when things take unexpected turns.
Wheather it's a relationship, job or any kind of committment/desicion I make, a Plan B is going to be around da corner juzz incase.
So jana takin a notha risk, I jump on a motorbike with anotha wild friend of mine n we go on a wild race only that it was frightening..Really..I was clutchin at him so hard, n then he made a dare n jumped over a really wide steep..I closed my eyes & Screamed. Only opened then when we landed! Jeez!. Now that was a dare! Whoops! A really big risk that one.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007
Change is Healthier
Am not one to commercialise the already too commercialised st. Valentine's day! But in the spirit of it's founder.Let me first pass on my Love!!!Happy V day to all... There a rose 4 u!!
Na sio ati ni madenials but oops!, I feel good! I mean I can sit back n relax. No Falling all over myself trying to find the right gift! Aii let me soar da fruits of being among the 63% of the Kenyan Women Folk!!

This month started off pretty bad for me! Bt being me I k
now better that to dwell on that. Sometimes all we need to do is forgive & believe me that's the best revenge! And being the month of Love. Why not Forget too!! Huh..I know eye brows are being raised here!! Forget it!
Seeing bloggerworld is up for new stuff.Simply Klara couldnt be left behind
! Sometimes Change can do us all good!!Dont u think so??
Ok..This pix I juzz love it!! Dont ask why!!
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