Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Back to Stay!!
It's been sometime since I have been here, I would wish say been so busy but that would be a lie, I guess there was bila Vibe! :=), Anyway Interesting things have been going on around here, Finally I get to go on my much anticipated Leave starting next week, So I guess there will be no excuse for not blogging! :=).
And I just got an invitation to one my exes Weddings! & I have no excuse for not attending. You see we are pretty good friends, I somehow maintain that kind of relationship with all my ex'es apart from that *sad bastard* who slept with my friend (Now that was & is still unforgivable)
Anyway back to this ex, I used to see him way back while in colle, but fell out but for good reasons..LOL..What I mean is that, it was no nasty break-up, anyway we have been good friends since then, n have severally hanged out with his galfriend turned *Fiance*..I can believe I just called her that! Not that am jealous no, there's no reason to be, Just that am still in shock, I can believe he's doing it.
I was in shock when he first called to drop the news, Apparently he saw it fit that I hear it from him first(Not that it matters anyway)..My question is When did he start getting that serious? Even though I have seen the card I still can believe he's doing it!
The wedding is in August and am attending, no excuse not to, Now what I need is a hot date by my side I don't wanna drag my galfriends coz I don't want them looking at me with teary eyes as they exchange vows, pitying me or worse still wishing it was me there..LOL
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Eat it Up! Before it MeltS!!!!...
I am capable, I am worthwhile, I am beautiful. I am lovable, I shall accept both my strengths & my weaknesses for they are me.
I shall never again believe the "lie"that if I make a mistake,I am a mistake..
My mistakes are the learning tools, that I shall encounter on my life journey.
When I learn from my mistakes,I give them meaning.When I give my mistakes meaning,
I can begin to forgive myself, I can begin to heal.

I shall not use my mistakes as excuses to give up on me.....My mistakes are not me.
I shall seek the wisdom to nurture., my heart, mind, body, & soul so that I may feel more centered: Providing an energy reserve that allows me to climb the mountains in my own life, Providing an energy reserve that allows me to love & support others who are climbing a different mountain...
Providing an energy reserve that allows time for friends, play and the celebration of life.

I shall allow myself to feel capable so that I may seek excellence. I shall allow myself to feel sadness so that joy may return.
I shall allow myself to feel joy so that I may be revitalized.

I shall allow myself to feel afraid so that I may find courage.
I shall allow myself to feel alone so that I may know me.

I shall allow myself to feel beautiful so that I may feel free.
I shall allow myself to feel lovable so that the loving may seek me.

I shall allow myself to feel pain so that I may heal.

I shall allow myself to feel worthy so that I may fulfill my purpose.

When I am centered, I see the perfection in the world, Myself and others. When I find the world to be imperfect,I will take responsibility for painting it that way.

I will look into the heart of a rose, or the eyes of a newborn baby & again know perfection. I take responsibility for creating my own life story through the choices I have made; to blame others is to give away my personal power.
Who will I allow to write the next chapter of my life? I shall seek the courage to believe in a God or Higher Power who will laugh with me in the sunlight or cry with me in the darkness.
I shall make a small difference on this planet through the work I do.When I leave I will have done my share.
I shall live, love, laugh,and learn on my journey.

Courtesy of a Forward.....
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Saturday, June 02, 2007
A few Truths..........
Now that am back on this bilaz Train was wondering if the rules have changed, I have been away for almost 2 years n am still tryin adjust, but I will definately..
Damn! Si I get cold feet on first meetings actually been once on a blind date, had to teremsha 2 Smirnoffs before meetin him n it was fun watchin him all nervous n anxious,I just sat there staring at him amused..LOL! That was da last time he saw me..
By da way, have actually phyisically met afew of u in precise 4 jamaas one chile..n it's been interesting, anyway let me let u in kiasi..
Blogger 1..This one also happens to be my best Friend,Our friendship has been through alot n she has been through hell too but we all have our flaws n what matters to me most is I believe her n she trusts me..
Blogger 2..We have been chattin for a while but I was'nt so eager on meetin him, am never good at first meetings, anyway am Club Sound with pals n I decide why not so sms'es Flow n in 30 mins he's @ the entrace, Good time-Keeper am lovin it! It's shockin, he's totally diff from what I had in mind, anyway we have fun, he falls for my gal n I think she has a thing for him too.They hit it off sawa.Anyway we live in strange world, n strange things happen bt he's still one my best..& anythin 4 him......
Blogger 3..He was my regular, Was his greatest fan, We met thru a mutual friend,had no idea it was him until after 2nd meetin, n it was awkward alittle bit..n I could tell he was so nervous..bt after that he gave my blog ablack out,I have never & may never understand why! Nway am still his greatest fan n will always be..
Blogger 4...Was datin my gal, n had promised not to reveal myself bt after afew pints I gave myself a way..LOL! Now that's one hell of a funny guy so funny than his blog..He kept me laughin all through! N he is cool.A real gentleman..by tha way(Am sorry 4 being stubborn n difficult) I sometimes get there when am tipsy..(Shame on me!)
Blogger 5....This one met him accidentally can actually say that, Rezorous past mid-nite, wasted, get introduced am like "Klara" Laughs huskily (I must add) & says am ----.Am like "the blogger?" " Yes!" am gettin sober now, he's like "I Like ur blog", Shocked now..How did he know me?? Apparently had seen my pix somewhere n had figured out! LOL! Now that one was an intriguing, fast-talkin, handsome jamaa(Those guys that make u wish u were single n free to mingle :P)

By the way it was fun meetin u all n will definately be meetin more of u!
Anyway this post was made to seek advice; Is it possible to Love someone u have never physically met? Lately been feelin closer to this guy n yet we havent met..
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