Saturday, September 29, 2007
I love this Quote!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Wake me Up when It's December
Is it just ma or does anyone long for Dec? I just wanna close my eyes & open them when it's Dec already. First this weather is annoying one day sunny another rainy or so chilly And then these Tsunami & earthquakes scares.

But most importantly I just cant wait for November 30 when I hand in my resignation letter, actually it's already typed just waiting to printed out & handed in..LOL yes thats how anxious am to change jobs.

Am just tired of waking up @ 7 AM everyday & yet am always broke! besides I get to take 1 month off work, just to relax & have me time as much as I want..

I got this other job that I just can't wait to take come Jan (Yes Kip that was what the prayer was all about :=)..) So please September, October & November can u just move it please & faster & Dec please get to drag Kiasi tu.

September espec you, can u just move a little bit faster, You know Last month I bailed a relative out of afinancial crisis and plugged myself right deep in one so please elewa da situation & stop dragging..I need to get to the end of u bana am seriously broke.

Moving on, Are humans destined Liars? Why do we make promises we have no intentions of keeping? Why Promise to be there in sickness & health yet bolt @ the smell of sickness?? And why do we value Imaje so much? Yes I know Image is everything. But don't we just sometimes overdo it? Why go to such extremes just to impress a group of friends? Why would I pretend not to know someone just to impress these other people?

I have afew genuine friends & am content coz I know they Love me just the way am, No need to fake anything, they take me as am & I take them as they are. We all have flaws & despite what one may think you can never be perfect.

What I have learned is that it's simpler for me when am just me, anytime I try exaggerate it, it backfires right back. That's why am always a take or leave kind of woman. Coz honestly for how long can I really pull that string? If we are gonna be long time pals or partners you need love me as me from the first time otherwise it is all in pretense.

The only time I work hard to impress is when am facing a panelist for a job interview & most of the time I often slip right to the normal fast talking nervous Klara.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Prayer of Thanks
Thank you Father for hearing my prayer
Thank you Lord for all of your care
Thank you Father for your love sincere

And thank you Father for answering me here

Thank you Father God in Heaven above

And thank you Lord for your gracious love

Thank you Father for Jesus your Son

And Thank you Father for thy will be done

Prayer Indeed is powerful!!! am a witness!
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