Saturday, October 28, 2006
U can call it Utter Nonsense!!
Yes…I know this days I can literally do anything on the net..From shopping to “Finding a soul mate" but I hadn’t realized how easy it was for me to be conned. Believe me! It almost happened!
Well, I get this “Treat Urgently & Confidential” mail from one ALAZIM YADAV, “The Director in charge of auditing section” BANK OF AFRICA in Burkina Faso, requesting me to claim inheritance of some deceased Swiss account holder in the Bank by claiming to be his next of kin & presenting a foreign account where I will need the money to be re-transferred into. The sum in question was some whooping $15.5Million!
The deal was genuinely tempting but being A Nairobian has taught me to always think twice when the deal is too good.
And the idea of giving a stranger my personal data including my account No. seemed too dangerous so I requested a face-face meeting, which he’s yet to agree to?
Jeez!! It amazes me on how cunning these guys are!!
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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Advice Needed!
O.K! This is hard! My younger cousin needs help she doesn’t understand why her other half all over sudden seems to have “changed”, I mean seems lesser excited about the whole idea than he allegedly was in the beginning? She’s certain he loves her but his actions are & I quote “confusing”. She’s actually contemplating leaving the guy and guess what! am expected to give solid advive since am abit older....
Now! This is where the problem comes in, When it comes to love and its complexity...I realy can't offer much since all I have are a bunch of failed r/shps. I confess I have never been able to understand that bit..I mean men & their behavirioral changes in relationships. Even books like "He Just aint that into You" never helped infact they left me more confused.So I literaly gave up..But now I need help her. She's so desperate....

What Advice can I realy offer her? Someone help!!
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