Saturday, September 29, 2007
I love this Quote!!

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  • At 29/9/07 21:10, Blogger Ugo Daniels

    Reminds me of my penultimate ex-gf. She's got this scar on her inner thigh, claims it's sexy and i have to agree with her so there won't be trouble,LOL!

  • At 29/9/07 23:06, Anonymous betty

    haha Ugo , uhm , darling i don't really think Miss.Klary was talking 'bout THOSe scars but hey, lol you're allowed.

    Klary,i love that quote too coz i got a crazy man from a good place and uhm, the scar thing be true.

    mmhh naona you took my threats seriously lol..goody!

  • At 30/9/07 00:31, Blogger S.A.G.E

    Hey, nice you pass by. Showin u love up in this\ piece.

  • At 30/9/07 19:23, Anonymous Bomseh

    You very well cud be talking about me.

  • At 30/9/07 22:14, Blogger Prettylyf

    Hmm scars again, you and Seasons & Reasons :) I'll say the same thing I said on his scars, I like to think of them as making a bed and lying in/on it, with no regrets, but in keeping lessons learned abreast

  • At 1/10/07 08:31, Anonymous kip

    am still trying to decipher the parable yes am slow like that!

  • At 1/10/07 11:39, Blogger Klara

    LOL! Bad boy..
    Kumbe u unaelewa...Atleast someone's been there, done it...
    LOL! Ati I took da threats seriously! LOL..I had 2..
    Ahem...His Post reminded me of this post..
    Noddin 2 that..
    Whenu do plz be back..

  • At 1/10/07 21:56, Anonymous 3N

    i second prettylyf sentiments

  • At 2/10/07 14:21, Anonymous modo crazy

    scars, a lesson well learnt. A lesson we lived to tell of. a sign of experience...true indeed. crazy's good.

    unajua mi huwa kidogo slow, keja imechange sio? and how have you been? umenyamaza saaaaaana!

  • At 2/10/07 14:28, Blogger AltaEgo

    "There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.”

    -Harry Crews

    I could write on about this stuff...Scars...

    Visible, Deep, Enlightening... reminds of the pain just enough for us to choose right... to value life... to move forward.

  • At 2/10/07 14:55, Blogger gishungwa

    Wear them with dignity (S&R 2007)

  • At 2/10/07 20:41, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy

    Thank God for DECEMBER

  • At 3/10/07 12:06, Anonymous xs

    chill kidogo! Are we talking 3ToC crazy or excess crazy? LOOOL

    scars huh? those one ni mob....

  • At 3/10/07 12:24, Blogger Mustafa Şenalp

    çok güzel bir site.

  • At 3/10/07 16:26, Anonymous kip the slow jamaa

    its becoming clearer day by day.. i now see the message in the poetry...


  • At 3/10/07 17:03, Blogger Klara

    Keeping da lessons??
    @Modo Crazy
    LOL..Keja ilichange kitambo?? Haiya, when was da last time u were here??
    I love like what I had in mind..Do the post plz
    Dec gani tena?? Ama ya China..
    @Mustafa Şenalp
    Haiya..Someone Interpret that plz..
    Happy Now..
    Hata wewe

  • At 3/10/07 18:58, Blogger Jaycee

    love that quote...

  • At 3/10/07 22:30, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy

    ya china

  • At 4/10/07 16:28, Blogger The Life of a Stranger called me

    lovely quote indeed.

  • At 5/10/07 06:33, Anonymous KIP

    si you migrate to WP......

  • At 5/10/07 18:48, Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---

    The inside scars, am in.

  • At 5/10/07 21:04, Blogger Parisian Cowboy

    Nice quote indeed.

  • At 7/10/07 15:33, Blogger mwasjd

    Deep, I'll keep them scars and show them proudly.

  • At 13/10/07 09:56, Blogger SisBigBones

    scars are the proof we have that we're still human. after all, how else can we grow if we don't fall and scar a few times? the scars prevent us from tripping at the same spot...and that's a great thing. have a good weekend! :)

  • At 15/10/07 11:38, Anonymous K.I.P.U.S.A

    love it...i need to forward to mtu fulani

  • At 18/10/07 04:06, Blogger Andy

    Love the quote too!

  • At 19/10/07 09:21, Blogger Majonzi

    it is these that make us who we are. make us the people we become.

  • At 22/10/07 18:32, Blogger rethots

    Scars....interesting analogy

  • At 22/10/07 23:23, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy


  • At 30/10/07 15:17, Blogger stuck in my throat o

    I like the quote...scars..means they've healed and left a mark so you won't forget the experience. The important thing is that they have healed.

  • At 14/12/07 12:06, Blogger mona

    oh, i know about scars!i have plenty! i love the . sacrs are a sign of growing up and learning for me.

    a sign that wounds do heal with time.

  • At 24/1/14 03:14, Anonymous Dermapen

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