Monday, November 19, 2007
Help ma neighbour is too hottt!!!!
Ma New Neighbour is damn hot!! He smiled @ me jana & for a moment I was temporarily paralysed...Aki I need to move before sins are committed! He's just so fine...
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  • At 19/11/07 14:17, Blogger Prousette

    Please can we switch with you, I may need that kind of excitement to brighten my days nothing else.

  • At 19/11/07 15:28, Anonymous hakkembig

    Good to know you think me hot! Will surely flash another smile today. And pleased o not shift.

  • At 19/11/07 17:55, Anonymous 3N

    keep strong my dear but if the pain persists please see your neighbor!

  • At 19/11/07 21:31, Blogger Farmgal


  • At 19/11/07 21:49, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy

    get to know the neighbour already!!!!!!Maybe God sent him to you haaaala

  • At 20/11/07 09:09, Anonymous kip

    wonder what my married mexican neigbour mother of 3 little rascals says about me!

  • At 20/11/07 09:35, Blogger Seasons & Reasons

    let him know he makes your day

  • At 20/11/07 14:18, Anonymous modo on target practice


    no don't move...gimme a week, i bought this new gun...wacha nimalize kuassemble...

  • At 20/11/07 18:33, Anonymous Mr. Back2Basics...

    i hope he gets the at least half the gist here Klara...

    Coz, i am here trying to read the previous post and this ensuing one...

    LOL!! i hear you!

    Even louder LOLs!!

    And to top it off..
    if the pain persists...Seek thy neighbour..

    Thanks for posting this Klara!!


  • At 20/11/07 19:07, Blogger MANJA BLESSINGS

    HI KLARA: am glad the sun and the moon are shining brighter for you now. so, have fun dear. Remain blessed each day in your good life.

  • At 20/11/07 19:17, Blogger Itchie Geezy

    Si u try out your luck you may be just as curious as he is, i promise you.

    Aniwe do enjoy your week,this abit late though ama?

  • At 21/11/07 12:40, Anonymous Bomseh

    Good luck.

  • At 21/11/07 13:33, Blogger Klara

    Lol..I feel u..I kinda need da distraction too...
    @, hakkembig
    Lol…Plz do..I mean keep smilin ma way…
    Lol..I want it to remain like it’s a fantasy..
    @farmgal serious.
    God?? I serious doubt that, Bt I wish it were da case..
    @Seasons & Reasons
    And let da fantasy be over..No way!
    Hehehehe! Sasa wewe unapractise nini?? Lol..
    Tumekumiss tu sana..
    @Mr. Back2Basics...
    U got me there…It’s just a fantasy & that’s allowed right? Anyway u will agree with me fimbo ya mbali haiuwi nyoka..
    Thank u..atleast someone knows I deserve a distraction
    @Itchie Geezy
    It’s never late for anything dia..Thanx
    Amen! :=)

  • At 21/11/07 15:55, Blogger Ugo Daniels

    You know what, commit the SIN, God should be forguven enough cos he's 'that' foine :)

  • At 21/11/07 16:08, Anonymous Anonymous

    Thou shall not covet thy Neighbour!!!....the watchies and mbooches shall know and gossip about it!!!

  • At 21/11/07 17:13, Anonymous Kirima

    I don't think loving thy neighbour is a sin. Isn't that the ultimate commandment?

  • At 23/11/07 10:14, Anonymous Mo'

    am gonna kill ua neighbor!!!!

  • At 23/11/07 14:48, Blogger Cant-'e'

    You go girl!Try your luck!Fungua roho yako!

  • At 24/11/07 16:25, Blogger Parisian Cowboy

    eh eh eh, sometimes it's good to commit a little sin...

  • At 25/11/07 09:47, Anonymous patriot

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  • At 25/11/07 11:05, Blogger GERALD

    sins are there to be committed... go on, u will repent....

  • At 26/11/07 12:27, Blogger Klara

    Lol..& there’s nothing worse than ma mboch gossipin allover about u..
    Sindio Spreadin Love..ama??
    Lol…please do so n faster
    Lol…na niongee ama
    @ Parisian
    Is there little sin?
    Lol..Do u know by encouraging me u are sinning??

  • At 28/11/07 02:52, Anonymous BETTY

    GO BORROW SALT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 28/11/07 10:48, Anonymous Jamvi

    Stay where you are. I know some people who know some people who might be willing to move the neighbour away from there you need only ask.

  • At 29/11/07 22:15, Blogger rethots

    The power of smiles (or is it a smile?)......

  • At 30/11/07 17:31, Anonymous kip

    its finally december so you can wake up now!

  • At 1/12/07 11:10, Blogger Klara

    @ Jamvi
    Lol…Where are these people?? Bring them on..
    @ Rethots
    So they say
    And I wish u could see ma face…Dec always excites me these much…
    Finally…It’s Here!!!!!!!!

  • At 5/12/07 17:14, Blogger rethots

    hey klara, you got tagged. check

  • At 5/12/07 18:47, Blogger GERALD

    this is a temptation....

  • At 6/12/07 13:57, Blogger minty

    Question: how to make said neighbour your housemate? Plant some orchids on your windowsill facing his and water them slowly, every few hours; Smile back, repeatedly; wave, ocasionally...
    (If symptoms persist, try talents elsewhere)

  • At 8/12/07 17:30, Blogger mwasjd

    LOL! That dude must be using close up toothpaste. Nunua shades to protect thyself!

  • At 14/12/07 11:57, Blogger mona

    talk to him!!!!

  • At 14/12/07 11:58, Blogger mona

    i like your blog, just found it through bliss girls blog and i think its nice!

  • At 14/1/08 17:17, Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---

    Can we come to conclusion that the new neighbor has kept you away?

  • At 17/1/08 17:01, Anonymous Anonymous

    As they say... good things come to those who wait.

    Go get yours saa huu huu. ;)

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  • At 2/12/08 16:38, Anonymous eugenethomas

    In this world there are no problems, but opportunities!!!

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