Thursday, September 13, 2007
Wake me Up when It's December
Is it just ma or does anyone long for Dec? I just wanna close my eyes & open them when it's Dec already. First this weather is annoying one day sunny another rainy or so chilly And then these Tsunami & earthquakes scares.

But most importantly I just cant wait for November 30 when I hand in my resignation letter, actually it's already typed just waiting to printed out & handed in..LOL yes thats how anxious am to change jobs.

Am just tired of waking up @ 7 AM everyday & yet am always broke! besides I get to take 1 month off work, just to relax & have me time as much as I want..

I got this other job that I just can't wait to take come Jan (Yes Kip that was what the prayer was all about :=)..) So please September, October & November can u just move it please & faster & Dec please get to drag Kiasi tu.

September espec you, can u just move a little bit faster, You know Last month I bailed a relative out of afinancial crisis and plugged myself right deep in one so please elewa da situation & stop dragging..I need to get to the end of u bana am seriously broke.

Moving on, Are humans destined Liars? Why do we make promises we have no intentions of keeping? Why Promise to be there in sickness & health yet bolt @ the smell of sickness?? And why do we value Imaje so much? Yes I know Image is everything. But don't we just sometimes overdo it? Why go to such extremes just to impress a group of friends? Why would I pretend not to know someone just to impress these other people?

I have afew genuine friends & am content coz I know they Love me just the way am, No need to fake anything, they take me as am & I take them as they are. We all have flaws & despite what one may think you can never be perfect.

What I have learned is that it's simpler for me when am just me, anytime I try exaggerate it, it backfires right back. That's why am always a take or leave kind of woman. Coz honestly for how long can I really pull that string? If we are gonna be long time pals or partners you need love me as me from the first time otherwise it is all in pretense.

The only time I work hard to impress is when am facing a panelist for a job interview & most of the time I often slip right to the normal fast talking nervous Klara.
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  • At 13/9/07 12:11, Blogger GERALD

    Klara..I have never dreamt of being first on ur blog.....Big up to myself..
    In have made it..

  • At 13/9/07 12:14, Blogger GERALD

    The weather is very annoying .. its rainy and sunny...God should chose to give us one of those not all of them..

    did you know that in Esatern Uganda its flooding

  • At 13/9/07 12:15, Blogger GERALD

    December reminds me of chicken onx-mas

  • At 13/9/07 13:29, Anonymous Mr. Back2Basics...

    Oh, ok
    now it makes sense Kla.
    dropped a post inspired by that prayer @ mine!
    Wish i had it that good.
    Then, i really do relate to that part about helping out, now guess who's hustling coins for lunch!

    That last paragraph is so true...

  • At 13/9/07 13:41, Blogger Prousette

    Oh I do long for Dec.
    And I need the month to scuttle away so I can see my paycheck too!

    Human beings are flawed that is the essence and lying is just one of those flaws, except when it is with malice aforehought.

  • At 13/9/07 14:00, Blogger S.A.G.E

    wats gud b?

  • At 13/9/07 14:50, Anonymous xs

    Yes! Sept & Oct be done fast! I need to get back home!
    Congrats on your new job!
    Alafu i hear you on people pretending to impress..... worse if the said pple are superficial (**sp)!

    Uko broke? Si i Mpesa you like this..? LOL

  • At 13/9/07 15:13, Anonymous farmgal

    chic just dont think about it and before you know it..Dec will be here.

  • At 13/9/07 17:52, Blogger Seasons & Reasons

    December is around the corner. Congrats for the new job.

  • At 13/9/07 18:54, Anonymous 3N

    I completely hear you on wanting Dec to be tomorrow...

    About friends and image – you are right on target; just be who you are and if anyone doesn’t like it, well they can move on. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve, You; just means that you improve you for yourself and not others.

    On liars and human beings it’s difficult to separate the two, nothing new there.

  • At 13/9/07 22:12, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy

    Congratulations on the job.

    December yuk, yuk,yuk (read winter, winter winter) then again, I will be home. Now, I agree December chap. chap get here and then go on a go-slow!

  • At 13/9/07 22:35, Blogger kenyaonly

    congrats on the job!!!! WELL seems you are as excited as when we were kids and could not wait to the next grade!!!

  • At 14/9/07 10:49, Anonymous kipusa

    December hua inanipita tuu.

  • At 14/9/07 11:32, Blogger Klara

    @ Gerald
    LOL! U can always be da first one here, nothing special about it....Yeah I have never loved a rainy Nairobi bt I didn't know eastern Uganda was Flooding, Its sad coz Even parts of Kenya are exprenciang tha same. Chicken during X-Mas! Sweet Memories! LOL
    Am Flattered, Yes I read ur Post & am proud of u...
    U mean we are in da same shit hassling for Lunch?? LOL! Atleast am no alone..Bt am always proud when I help someone even If I get to lack in da end..
    Thank God ! someone feels me!!
    Just that
    Yes This months need harakisha bana, otherwise I will go on strike! LOL
    Thanx 4 that...And Men, dont talk abot Mpesaing Plz...Utafanya I send my digits Mbio mbio...LOL
    Aki, If Only I could close my eyes & Open them when It's Dec!!
    @Seasons & Reasons
    Hio Corner ndio sifikii!! LOL..
    Najua u are already smellin Home...
    I hear u on that, Kabisa...
    @ 3TOC
    Thanx Gal...
    Dec we are anticipating Sun Kiasi so I cant wait aki
    LOL! Dont even go there, since new year come with new things, New Class, Uniforms, Books,Stories....LOL...Sweet memories..

  • At 14/9/07 16:01, Anonymous lovita

    All the best with the new job

  • At 14/9/07 16:19, Blogger Shee

    Well CONGRATS!!! On new job.. I hope there won't be no more whining when you get this one.

    On those of image, most of the time they usually have nothing to show for it, so you end up being their cause of shame on the matter. I experienced the same not sooo long ago, and was like what?? Kwani how ugly can one be??

    Pole for the drag of days but we sailing in the same shoes, only I want months to skip to after April of next year ;)

  • At 14/9/07 20:14, Anonymous kip

    hey .. kumbe this was what it was about huh? congrats

    kwani its a miracle that eastern UG IS floooding... lol si its obvious if western kenya is flooding then by default Eastern Uganda in flood.... haha am a genius right? i wish..

  • At 15/9/07 12:21, Anonymous Bomseh

    Prayers won't stop though, sindio. Si you still need prayers for thanks and everything.

    Dec ndio hii inakuja. Are you ready?

  • At 15/9/07 16:30, Blogger mwasjd

    Since we can't pray for time to move faster, I pray that the next 3 months will be enjoyable, even at work.
    Impressing people, sometimes I can't help it, just want to remain part of the crowd. But I figure that it doesn't really help. Better be with people who accept you and your flaws.

  • At 17/9/07 08:54, Anonymous kip

    december me and my makendes niko jamhuri!!! cant wait...

  • At 17/9/07 14:53, Blogger Amkeni wakenya!

    heko for new job!! But still we wish to be seeing you here!!!!!

  • At 17/9/07 15:05, Blogger gishungwa

    Congrats on the new job. Thank God for answered prayers. Somehow i dont long for Dec dunno why.
    Seeing that you cant make everyone happy just be the best person you can be.

  • At 17/9/07 15:49, Anonymous modo waiting and waiting...

    but kwani ni lazima ungojee november? you can't just angusha it today, now now?

    reminds me of that rock song, wake me up wheen september your case, ongeza october pia...

    itafika kama hujui.

    lakini even this ka-weather kumbushas one of december...sometimes hot sometimes rainy...

  • At 18/9/07 00:28, Anonymous betty

    Take me as i aaaammm...even when the rest don't understannnnd..why you take me as i aaaam lool i have sang my own remix of that fave song of mine..shauri yao if they don't like the real you..wajinyonge :)

    congrats on that least now i see signs of my glass of wine coming soon!

  • At 18/9/07 21:26, Blogger lulu

    hi, i sure do know how you cna feel about a job and want a whole new place and in job! i feeeeeeeel you soooooo much..just count the weeks they go faster than the months!
    and about people, i know what its like... and then i find myself tripping over the exact same thing i complained about about someone...such is life..

  • At 19/9/07 15:26, Blogger Pekiro

    Try 2 b busy for days 2 faster. Dec. is juz a stone throw away, only b patient.

    True friends are the pple who care abt u when u r in need..the pple u can run 2 when need b.

  • At 19/9/07 20:33, Blogger thrretypesofcrazy

    it's December is here (on the Chinese calender)

  • At 20/9/07 08:26, Anonymous KIP

    3TOC ... you one crazy chile!! ati its december in the chinese calender LOOOLRMFAAOO

  • At 20/9/07 15:42, Blogger Klara

    @ Lovita
    Thanx alot....
    LOL! I hope so too, kumbe I whin alot..LOL
    That's how ugly people can get, it's just life..
    That was it!
    LOL! U are a genious indeed! LOOOL
    No! I still need them, am aprayerful person..
    Dec haifiki..
    U r right, Thanx I hope they are that, since it's a only way Dec can fika haraka
    @ Amkeni wakenya!
    Thanx..Definately..And weya da hell have u bin?
    @ Gish
    Ahsante! Hata wewe? Basi Dec ni kubaya..
    RONFLOL! Ati I angusha it leo?? LOL! and then u get 2 pay my rent? Lakini si dough mob si I can c u kando?...
    @ Betty
    LOL! an Iove da song...Wine utaget aki..hata kama ni western Union italeta..LOL
    @ Lulu
    Thanx, u know just how excitin it can get..I cant wait
    @ Pekiro
    Yeah..Thanx for dat, True friends are that indeed
    @ 3TOC
    LOL! sasa nihamie China ama?

  • At 20/9/07 19:07, Anonymous Kirima

    Congrats on your new job,
    I also can't wait for December

  • At 25/9/07 08:43, Blogger GERALD

    just hear to say hi.. Gal

  • At 25/9/07 14:37, Blogger Unyc

    Congrats gal on ur new job!!

    I also cant wait for Dec n 2 get another job. This one is stressing mbaya.

  • At 26/9/07 09:03, Blogger eddiie


  • At 28/9/07 00:00, Blogger Andy

    All for different reasons, but I guess we are all waiting for December.

  • At 2/10/07 13:12, Blogger AltaEgo

    I feel you.

    When human beings do not place value in themselves and others, lies, deceit, betrayal takes that place.

    It sucks! Life lessons are always hard, that the best part.
    Whats really unfortunate is if we dont learn from these lessons.

    Our own destiny,
    our own path is cut out by our scars,
    our joys, our bloodstained footprints
    marking out where we are from
    drawing out where we are going

    All the best with the new job

    The noblest masterpiece of life.

  • At 9/10/07 18:59, Blogger rethots

    Interesting, don't mind Dec being tomorrow myself. I just made up my mind to start travelling (& giving me a treat) during leave & breaks. So, come december come.
    Interesting to change jobs, but, made up my mind i must have something to hold on to (as in learnt, achieved or got) from every job, if not, it wouldn't have been worth it.
    Cheers on your new job.

  • At 16/10/07 09:38, Anonymous Zack

    The Sweetness of switching jobs...change is as good as rest. Good for you and congrats. About friends, it is always time that tells who is true to us.