Monday, July 02, 2007
Sexy Men

I believe in miracles...Where you from
You sexy thing
I believe in miracles...Since you came along
You sexy thing

Miracles right before my eyes
You sexy thing got me hypnotised
Don't stop what ya' doing
What ya' doing to me
My angel from above lying next to me
How did ya' know that I'd be the one
Been a long time coming only just begun
Doing all the things that makes my heart sing
Keep doing what you're doing you sexy thing

How did ya' know I needed you so badly
How did ya' know I gave my heart gladly
Yesterday I was one of a lonely people
Now you're lying next to me
Making love to me

I believe in miracles, Where you from
You sexy thing..You sexy thing
I believe in miracles..
Since you came along..
You sexy thing

Only yesterday I was on my own
Just another day later my mind was blown
You sexy thing come into my life
Forever and a day it feels so right
How did ya' know that I'd be the one
Been a long time coming only just begun
Doing all the things that makes my heart sing
Keep doing what you're doing you sexy thing

How did ya' know I needed you so badly
How did ya' know I gave my heart gladly
Yesterday I was one of a lonely people
Now you're lying next to me
Making love to me

I believe in miracles, Where you from
You sexy thing, You sexy thing
I believe in miracles..Since you came along
You sexy thing

Kiss me baby..You sexy thing
You sexy thing

Touch me baby..You sexy thing
You sexy thing

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  • At 2/7/07 14:17, Blogger Chatterly

    yessss! that song is mwaaaah :-)

  • At 2/7/07 15:22, Blogger Kirima

    A simple - Amen! will suffice.

  • At 2/7/07 15:48, Anonymous aegeus

    ...Touch me baby..You sexy thing
    You sexy thing...


  • At 2/7/07 16:00, Blogger gishungwa

    Damn this BT. That song is on-point.

  • At 2/7/07 17:11, Blogger egm

    Yaani mpaka there's a BT soundtrack. Dhings are dhick!

  • At 2/7/07 18:35, Anonymous super

    Hi Klara! I feel you..i hear you....large fan base eeeehh? A karaoke of the song after 1 am in an LA 'lub is even sexier!! Good stuff Klara

  • At 2/7/07 19:48, Blogger Stephen Bess

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 2/7/07 19:49, Blogger Stephen Bess

    I skipped a word. I should've said, they're ok looking for some Hollywood stars.

    I know...I'm just hatin'. I like that song though. :)

  • At 2/7/07 21:13, Blogger Ugo Daniels

    Ok, i see it's grooving time innit!

  • At 2/7/07 22:29, Anonymous inexes

    Touch me faster.. eeeh sorry... lost(B)Train of thought.

  • At 2/7/07 23:24, Blogger Quintessence

    bila words man!!!

  • At 2/7/07 23:34, Anonymous ntatu

    Klara, I thought you would insert the pic I sent you right after will smith, are you discriminating me coz I am black?

  • At 3/7/07 12:16, Blogger K.I.P.U.S.A

    i love that song
    its among my favourites.

  • At 3/7/07 15:23, Anonymous Jamvi

    Try listening to BB king or Ray charles now sexy thing

  • At 3/7/07 17:42, Blogger Klara

    Thanx..I knew u would Love it! :=)
    LOL! ehe..Thanx it's one of my favos..
    Ahem!!!..(Can u sing that out aloud kidogo??)
    LOL! Ati it's the BT soundtrack...Dont ask me how??
    LMAO! dhings are getting dhick kweli..So be it..
    Thanx Super..How come I can get the link to your place?? Thanx for dropping by..
    @Stephen Bess
    I get u dear..I do..Thanx for feeling the song though..
    @Ugo Danny
    It's going down!!!
    LOL...(In the near Future...)
    As in u feel the song mbaka words disappeared ama??
    RONFL!! It's there dia, just watch carefully..It's there right after the other guy..
    Thanx..we have a lot in common then..
    U mean there are these Hot too???

  • At 3/7/07 18:34, Anonymous modo miraculous

    i believe in miraa na tasty thing...auuuuu!

    i saw this panya singing this song to his cheese placed in a mouse trap...quite cheezy...oh he was swatted in the end by a broom...hehe

  • At 4/7/07 02:20, Anonymous betty

    LMAO @Modo..ati miraa na koh??madness!

    uuiii people are sexy, you feeling sexy Klara??..lakini maan..those men right there..woi!!

  • At 4/7/07 06:46, Anonymous super

    I fancy you Klara. si we talk?! what about the flipside of your pix? Or is it coz the lyrics?

  • At 4/7/07 08:37, Blogger Princess

    Three words...."hoooottttt diggety daaaaamn!"

  • At 4/7/07 14:38, Blogger Klara

    LOL! We acha! ati in miraa na Koh??? Auuuuu!!
    Oh! U saw that video?LOL! That ka-panya katikas fine!
    LOL! Am always feeling sexy..:=)..Lakini now si u understand why those ma quizes shindaad me, I was busy drooling mbaka akili ikawa flat..LOL
    LOL! Anytime & the pleasure would be all mine...Now si u give up the link curious u know..
    I thought so!!

  • At 4/7/07 20:13, Blogger Super

    Klara si i fancy you the u contact.

  • At 4/7/07 22:16, Anonymous sexy inexes

    Wewe Super, i introduce you to Klara now u want to slice me? Eish dude! LOL

  • At 5/7/07 01:43, Blogger Super

    Inexes you know i always go for the best. Klara is simply the best. I am unveiling my Vision For Klara soon...eish! Your thoughts (everyone)?

  • At 5/7/07 02:57, Anonymous betty

    Super -just His thoughts!! reveal Project Klara 07 to us first we approve..see, we got her back like that!

    Klara:lool nowonder ulishindwa, si ungesema tu those men were responsible for the brain freeze.Forgiven.

  • At 5/7/07 15:04, Blogger Klara

    @ Super..
    LOL! Aki u! Now u r making me blush..unajua sijazoea ma flatter:">....sasa Vision lazima ikuwe approved kwanza,halafu tutajua baadaye..LOL
    Yani u know this guy???
    Thank u gal! I know I can count on u always..LOL
    Aki they are responsible!

  • At 5/7/07 19:32, Blogger Unyc

    Sexy thing....

    Its getting HOT in here!

  • At 5/7/07 20:17, Anonymous exes, IN

    Yes klara, i know him tu sana! Am trying to convince him to start blogghoeing.

    @Super, unveil hio vision nione kama makali bado yapo then i'll unleash mine.

    Remember i won the last battle.....LOL

  • At 6/7/07 05:19, Blogger Super

    Klara here we go! THE KLARA VISION

    1. If you will be mine, then your name will henceforth be "Klara & I"
    2. Klara & I have decided that the Nairobi madness is not for us; we will relocate to an expansive ranch in North Eastern (Wajir!).
    3. Klara & I will use our chopper (the only means of transport to the outside world, yaani no roads!) only once a month (minimal pollution, we live green!)
    4. Klara & I will break athletic records set by other Kenyans (we are fit!)
    5.Klara and I will relocate to the US where we will spend two years eating a diet entirely of cheeseburgers, money saved will go directly to charity.
    6. Klara & I will buy an Island in Fiji, operate a private jets. All of you guys are welcome for holiday in our Fiji Island resort.
    7.Did I mention that I am a great cook and that will serve your breakfast in bed, nad that we will travel to Spain asap, stopping in paris to have dinner in the condola?

    You decide

  • At 6/7/07 05:30, Blogger Super

    PS: my full name is super stallion.

    PSS: Inexes when do you unleash urs?

  • At 6/7/07 14:30, Anonymous inexess

    Eish! 10-nil. i wont try to top that!!!!

    Haya Klara uwanja wako! Unakubali hio vision?

  • At 6/7/07 22:04, Blogger Sparkle

    dats my kinda song!!!!

  • At 7/7/07 10:40, Blogger manueri

    i happened to chance on a commment u posted somewhere threatening to sue any guy who hit on you!. i was wondering if u are a lawyer of sorts.
    Anyway hope yo doing fine and by the way i have a cartoon version of the song/poem you posted. its so hilarious but i bet u should have seen it by now

  • At 7/7/07 19:00, Blogger eddiie


  • At 9/7/07 20:22, Blogger parisian cowboy

    Lol !

  • At 10/7/07 16:30, Blogger nahjaj


  • At 11/7/07 11:08, Blogger Archer

    See me sideways luv, instant miracles...

    @super "stallion": LOL! But how, pray, do you live GREEN in Wajir? What's green in Wajir?

    Kuna mtu flani hapo juu anafaa kuficha miguu...

  • At 11/7/07 14:24, Blogger Ugo Daniels

    Hey watchu waiting for. You berra update now!

  • At 11/7/07 19:27, Blogger Klara

    Hehehe...I can see u r feeling that heat too!! LOL
    LOL! na pia aweke link bana..ok..Yani huyu jamaa can scare u into giving up on me that easily! Aii We acha!!
    @ super..
    LOL..U r so funny!!
    That vision is tempting, bt how's it gonna be Implemented?
    U r my kind of gal!
    Hehehe! Wacha uchokozi, miguu ziko poa..
    Plans are underway 2 see u kando..
    LOL! Am on it!

  • At 11/7/07 23:14, Blogger catwalq

    after this can we play, GET DOWN ON IT?

  • At 12/7/07 05:28, Anonymous super

    @Klara...ok nice. will unleash implementation protocol on ur next blog post. how's that?

  • At 17/7/07 01:01, Blogger Andy

    That stuff aint complete, I am not there!!!!

  • At 17/7/07 19:10, Blogger S.A.G.E

    Payin home-age!

  • At 18/7/07 02:32, Blogger Three types of Crazy

    YOU'VE BEE GONE FOR SOOO LONG. This is to imform you that youhave been tagged- just doing my homework.

  • At 29/11/07 13:15, Anonymous Anonymous

    Song for the the sexiest men...