Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Is this The Real Thing or just a Fling?

I first noticed him at a Madaraka Day barbecue.
Standing by the pool, all tanned and effortlessly sexy in a white polo and cargo shorts, he looked like he'd just stepped off a page of the J Crew catalog.

When our eyes met, he flashed a big smile and my heart skipped a beat. I took a gulp of your watermelon-tini and tried to look nonchalant.

Later, he "accidentally" bumped into me at the grill when we both reached for the last hot dog bun at the same time.

We shared a laugh, then he said, "I'll give you this bun on one condition ... You give me your phone number." (Okay, so his line was a little cheesy, but I went for it!)

Since then, we have been inseparable. Frolicking in the waves at the beach... Kissing at the top of the yatch... Strolling on the sandy beach eating ice cream...

Life is a whirlwind of excitement as days blur together like one of those montage scenes in a romantic movie, all set to the song "I'll stop the world and melt with you..."

For the entire month of June, we haven't had a care in the world. Except now ... it's July. The official end-point of my vacation. I have suddenly woken up to realize that these carefree days can't go on forever.

I find yourself thinking, "This has been a lot of fun, but where is it going?" Do I and Mr. X(es?) have the staying power to last into September...

...Or will our romance fade faster than my summer tan?

In other words:

Is this The Real Thing or just a Fling?

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  • At 18/7/07 16:22, Anonymous Jamvi

    Wow I never thought I could ever be first. Beside that well only time wil tell wether its the real thing or a fling but it should be stated the beach isnt the best place to start a relationship

  • At 18/7/07 16:23, Anonymous Anonymous

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  • At 18/7/07 16:46, Blogger Chatterly

    @Jamvi, ati the beach isn't the best place to start a relationship? Why??

  • At 18/7/07 17:00, Blogger Klara

    U can always be the first! Why not?..
    Time always Why not da beach??
    Am sorry had 2 delete that, not coz of the criticism & hate it carried bt coz I don't appreciate anonymous hate comments..I believe U have an ID n there's no harm in using it 2 criticize, it's definitely allowed here!!
    Thanx gal!

  • At 18/7/07 17:05, Blogger 3N

    A relationship can start anywhere…I say it will be a test since now you won’t be able to do the carefree things you did in June. Just determine for yourself and with Mr. X whether you want something more than a summer fling, if it is then put in the work and enjoy.

  • At 18/7/07 17:13, Blogger gishungwa

    how about finding out what are his plans then you can know whether its a fling or not? Am with 3N, relationships can start anywhere.

  • At 18/7/07 17:28, Anonymous Hakeembig

    Am really happy for you and I hope its the real thing you deserve it!

  • At 18/7/07 18:02, Blogger Ugo Daniels

    My advice, take it 1 step at a time. But don't hold anything back. Goodluck :)

  • At 18/7/07 20:52, Blogger Quintessence

    3N took the words right out my mouth.
    In addition, whether it's a fling or not have the best time of your life, so that you don't have regrets or feelings of time wasted!

  • At 18/7/07 21:08, Blogger Three types of Crazy

    I am just confused- hii no story ama real life?
    @jamvi- why can't a realtionship start at the beach? Incase you alnd for a mermaid ama?

    Should this be a real story- I say follow your heart.

  • At 18/7/07 21:35, Blogger GERALD

    Go slow...
    Stop getting over excited.
    Any way wish u luch..
    I wish u figure it out throu'
    .Ur indeed hooked.

  • At 19/7/07 02:12, Anonymous BETTY

    My 2 to him about it and see whether he is serious about anything ama if for him it was just a 'lets have fun while it lasts' can always tell hun..Hope it works out!

  • At 19/7/07 02:33, Blogger Jim Screechy

    Sounds like a fling babe. You gave it all up when you melted and gave him your number versus the hot dog bun. Tsk tsk.

    Hope his hot dog was worth it.

    On the flip side, you should give yourself at least 3-6 months before you decide if it's "the real thing" you can find out a lot about someone during that time.

  • At 19/7/07 06:14, Anonymous super

    You're so fine
    I want you mine
    You're so delicious
    I think about ya all the time
    You're so addictive
    Don't you know what I could do to make you feel alright?
    Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious
    Hell yeah
    I'm the mother£ucking prince
    I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right

    Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I know that you like me
    No way! No way!
    No it's not a secret
    Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I want to be your prince

  • At 19/7/07 06:17, Anonymous super

    @Klara..just sing the magic words to him. His reaction?

  • At 19/7/07 10:07, Blogger AN IBO DUDE'S CORNER

    from experience, i would say its a fling but with huge potential of becoming the real thing

    everything boils down to what happens after u guys leave. do u still keep in touch? r u within close distance and all that

    but all the same, glad u had a swell time

  • At 19/7/07 10:54, Blogger S.A.G.E

    Thot u is a gangsress. Can u believe, u was in ma hood...u was watchin me with keenness n i cudnt figa out e was u??? U needa change that pic of yo's n show us face. U got a voice but u is faceless. Thats how i missed yo autograph!

    As for this post. It is simply novacane on duty.(ha ha ha). I kind of found it hard to believe wat u is sayin or is it fictious romanticism?

  • At 19/7/07 12:03, Blogger Half 'n' half

    I couldnt help smiling as I was reading this!
    Life is way too short to listen to people who say things like "Go slow...
    Stop getting over excited."

    If its the real thing, then Hooray! if not then girl you did enjoy yourself! Personally I hope its the real thing! couz Girl you sound so happy!

  • At 19/7/07 13:17, Blogger Klara

    I had no idea u could give such strong advice, I mean serious one!! :=)..
    Thanx, will definitely try found out..Relationships it's true can start anywhere hata kwa net..:=)
    If it's deep down from ur heart then Am humbled..Thank U!
    @ Danny
    Hey! Thanx alot 4 that, am a firm believer in one day at a time thing..
    LOL! Bt Thank u ( smilling mbaya)
    Inaweza kuwa real am fiction siwezi sema, it's up to u to guess..LOL
    Umeweza huyo Jamvi..
    Heart lazima I follow..BTW ile Tag iko underway..
    LOL! If u say so dear..
    Hio 2 cents advice ni noma sana..Noddin mbaya, Thanx siz for understanding this..:=)
    Long time no see!! What's bin up?
    U could be right, maybe it's a fling time will definitely tell..
    RONFL! Aki u! U never fail to amaze me..
    why don't u just sing da song 4 me instead, am no good singer..:=)
    BTW, am still watchin out 4 that vision Implementation program..
    I love that, off course it will all depend on that..So great! Thanx..
    BTW thanx for dropping here..
    LOL! I love keeping Low Profile n It was good that way, after seeing how shocked s/one got, after being introduced..LOL! He had expected something else..
    Am simple just as I always say..Bt there's always a next time!!
    U got me on this post! I can say what it is bt just know U got me there..
    @Half n Half
    Thanx galfriend..I know I can always count on u to support my wild ways..
    Thank u again..

  • At 19/7/07 13:28, Blogger Kirima

    You can only know if the real thing and not a fling if it lasts so you just have to go along with it if it lasts then you are onto something real. Best of Luck then.
    I would be careful however with confronting/asking him direct about the relationship coz many men flee at the mention of the R word.

  • At 19/7/07 15:51, Anonymous modo real

    SHHH! now you had to go tell peeps about me...



    i think enyewe, you can never know...just yet, you just take it a day at a time...later the signs will show and you will know. it's like watching a's until it has shikad are you really sure it's great...okay bad example, but you get what i mean.

    question, why till september? why the hiatus...oh? is he coming to you? ar eyou going to him...lakini mama...mdogo mdogo...

  • At 19/7/07 17:58, Blogger eddiie

    Now i wonder why i keep saying you are headed for love counnseling, or Doctoring one of this days...

    Now that guy who sweatly knocked on you by "accident", whoa!!! I can just adjust my cameras and imagine how your eyes rotated the whole Madaraka day....

    Kwani am gonna do the same and see what chances i stand...

    Eh! first describe him for me again?

    But that was sweet!!! it sounded like those Hollywood movies only for me to realise that this one was shot in Kenya...

  • At 19/7/07 18:00, Blogger eddiie

    Eh! wait a minute!!! did you tell me you guys have gone out for now close to amonth or two?

    Ohh!!!..ok..i give up

  • At 19/7/07 22:50, Anonymous kip

    apeenji ..

    hii ni kweli ama rongo ? just after is all over.. kumbuka to pitia VCT .. you know the beach is full of virusi..

  • At 20/7/07 11:36, Blogger Cheri

    Finally someone updated!

  • At 20/7/07 11:57, Blogger Kirima

    Wait a sec.... Did you say fade faster than my summer TAN, When? How? would you have a tan? :-)

  • At 20/7/07 16:37, Blogger Klara

    LOL! Ati many many flee at the mention of what?? Damn! So honest of u..
    Yes, I said that, U see the tan's still it's fading now..Holla if u still in Nai u can holla u have apeek, seeing is believing..(Just Kidding, that was the fiction part of it..

    We acha maswali mob! Nikiey? LOL..I get u lakini..
    LOL! I cant imajine me at phycharist or a love doctors office If there are any..! LOL, Bt that's why u guys are here, to offer such great advice.It's da exact reason I started this place to find a place/people I can confide in & be free with..
    Hey! Dont try that @ home! :=)
    LOL! I love ur sense of Humour!!!!
    Yes n where did u move to? Been lookin 4 u.

  • At 20/7/07 16:37, Blogger Samuel Njiraini

    That is quite a fairy tale. Sometimes it helps to hold on to sweet memories. Other than persue an elusive dream.

    If yur heart has doubt,....of which it does, leave it at that.

    Let a fling be a fling

  • At 20/7/07 19:50, Anonymous Mr. Back2Basics...

    Nice post...

    3N, HalfnHalf murdered it for you Klara...

    Try and go from the Fling straight into the Pre_Real_Thing...

    and as you said, one day @ a time...

    i'm sucked in...

  • At 23/7/07 00:34, Blogger Andy

    U know every line in this world can be described as cheesy, but it's really the ATMOSPHERE, the AURA, the VIBES and that MOMENTARY LOSS OF SANITY that causes an impactful consequential effect. Hope I have not talked too much?

  • At 27/7/07 13:20, Blogger ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M---

    The writing makes the 'thing' or is it the 'fling' sound very romantic. I cant help coz I happen to b in a similar situation. I've neva been able to hold on to a 'thing'. Otherwise -G.R.E.A.M- is back

  • At 30/7/07 10:03, Blogger K.I.P.U.S.A

    thats a fling

  • At 30/7/07 17:47, Blogger 2ndCorin5:17

    My vote is fling...

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