Thursday, January 04, 2007
Ooops I did it again!!!
And what a relief!!! 06' is finally over, & what a year!! So eventful..I got to join the bloggerworld., Got my real first job-got 2 become ataxpayer, moved into my own place, and da list continues........
bt again 06' had me real down with da pain that comes with areal betrayal, a real heartbreak..I didnt think I was gonna survive!
But broken hearts are what give us strength & Understanding & Compassion. A heart never broken is Pristine & Sterile & will never know the joy of being imperfect..
So am happy It happened & it's forgotten...& Am thankful to God for giving me strength, My Family & Friends for support & da love they showered me with thru out 06'
And 2 da rest of u:
May All Your Dreams Come True in This Year!!!

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  • At 4/1/07 20:30, Blogger Nakeel

    Happy New Year gal. May you find the love that you deserve and more blessings.

  • At 4/1/07 23:06, Blogger Pea

    Lovely! Well written. I, too, got to see the benefits of a broken heart! Happy new year!

  • At 4/1/07 23:51, Blogger Don_quixote

    Happy new year gal, and vey well written i must say.

  • At 5/1/07 02:11, Blogger Majonzi

    happy new year chica, and thanks for visiting! looking 4wd to being bloggermates :)

  • At 5/1/07 08:42, Anonymous gish

    Pray that this year is full of blessings and better than the last. Thanks for passing by my crib...

  • At 5/1/07 14:33, Blogger StackOfStiffys

    Happy New Year Klara, and many happy returns in 2007. Good to hear you are stronger after picking up the pieces and moving on after the heartbreak.

  • At 5/1/07 16:26, Blogger bantutu

    The number 6! speaks 4 itself....The support grup? hihi!! Gess wat am tryin 2 is Yeah! Am glad its gone!!
    Hey where've u bin hiding out aniway?! Happi nu year mrembo!!!
    Sina sitori ngoja ngoja...kichwa I reboot...

  • At 5/1/07 17:31, Blogger Stwap

    Happy New Year Greetings..It's good u made it..
    Good Luck in 07

  • At 5/1/07 18:41, Blogger Klara

    Thanx for feeling me Siz..I hope so too
    Thanx..U too! :-)
    @ Don_quixote
    Thanx.Happy new year 2 u 2
    Lookikn forward 2
    Thanx..I real hope 4 dat.I even got spiritual on that.
    Yeah baby I had to...
    Yeah, that's why I was into that support thing sana.LOL Bt nangoja hiyo storo

  • At 5/1/07 20:22, Blogger Princess

    Happy New Year Klara!! You accomplished a considerable maount in 2006 and may you remain blessed in 2007. Glad you have recovered from your heartbreak!!

  • At 6/1/07 13:48, Blogger POTASH

    Hehehe.. I kumbuka mambo ya support didn't we need it huko 2006. Lakini mwaka mpya mambo mapya. Keep blogging kid.

  • At 6/1/07 16:34, Anonymous Anonymous

    after some poetic hiding, simply klara, lands once more with a bang! welcome back

  • At 6/1/07 16:35, Anonymous country boy

    that was my comment up...never meant to appear anonymous

  • At 7/1/07 15:51, Anonymous aegeus

    Happy new year! I see you made great big steps last year. All the best in the new year!

  • At 7/1/07 19:04, Blogger nahjaj

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE 2007 WILL BRING YOU JOY!!!!

  • At 7/1/07 22:59, Blogger Prousette

    Happy New year!

  • At 8/1/07 12:26, Blogger Dp

    Happy new year and may the blessing follow you into this year as well!!!!!!!

  • At 9/1/07 09:52, Blogger Itchie Geezy

    Damn,that sounds sweet of u.Happy '07 nevertheless and make it a prosperous year,change is always like rest.

  • At 9/1/07 13:52, Anonymous abby

    Happy New Year, Klara. Don't you just love new beginnings.

  • At 10/1/07 12:31, Blogger eddiie

    moved into my own place..........that scares me alittle,,......Mums are never satisfied seing their daughter rent an apartment on htheir own...

    They surely trust you dear..Happy new year.

  • At 10/1/07 12:32, Blogger eddiie

    Eeeh!! year , faces....and surelly now i can see the real Klara...

    I mean yo picture looks really good.....Credit girl!!!! or rather lady!! any you choose..

  • At 12/1/07 00:53, Blogger Id it is

    First time here. I enjoyed the poem on your last post.
    Happy New Year and I wish you great new beginnings.

  • At 12/1/07 11:38, Blogger Klara

    Thanx.Time heals all da wounds
    Mwaka mpya, mambo mpya(Nodding kabisa)Thanx
    @Country Boyi
    Poetic Hiding???:D..u Got me on that one! LOL
    @ aegeus
    True, Real Big Moves...thanx
    Realy?? Thanx
    HNY 2`U too
    That's sweet of u..Thanx
    @tchie Geezy
    Hopefully..Happy 07 too
    New beggnnings bring hope..
    New year, New Stuff..Ama?? There's achanged Klara..Watch this space:-)
    Am a good, trustworthy, responsible person, Trust me!!
    @id it is
    Welcome to Simply Klara...Thanx 4 dropping by

  • At 12/1/07 17:10, Blogger _Jonathan_

    u did survive the hartbreak and betrayal!!! Good.
    May all ur dreams come true too!!!!

  • At 13/1/07 14:23, Anonymous bantutu

    Hey klara, the new face lift is aaah Whats that word...aaah..Refreshing!!...
    Am NOT a Kao! hihi!!
    By the way is that you?

  • At 14/1/07 19:29, Blogger Chatterly

    Happy new year!!!broken heart will heal, with time :-)

  • At 15/1/07 18:25, Blogger modoathii

    happy new year. broken hearts make life sweeter (did i tell you i passed with grounded colours in philosophy class?)

    2007 will be a better year.

    like the pix...VA VA VOOM!

  • At 18/1/07 09:45, Blogger eddiie

    Eeeh! thats a start to a new year in the rear...once and gone....come back..

  • At 24/1/07 17:59, Blogger Sue

    Happy new year gal... Lets say to 2006.. "Good Riddance to BAD Rubbish"...and hope 2007 will be better